Surface Pro Distribution 2018-19
  • Returning Mercy 10th - 12th grade students can pick up their Surface Pro in the Library Media Center beginning on 
    Monday August 6th through Friday August 31st 
     anytime Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Please allow 10-20 minutes to complete the set-up process while at Mercy.
    All permission forms and outstanding financial obligations must be taken care of before devices can be released to the student.
  • ALL Mercy 9th grade students need to attend a one hour Surface Pro set up and training session between Tuesday August 21st - Friday August 24th, with a make-up date on Wednesday August 29th.   Click this link to create a Sign-up Genius appointment. All permission forms must be completed before devices can be released to the student.
  • All NEW Mercy 10th, 11th and 12th grade students will receive their Surface Pros following New Student Orientation on Wednesday August 29th. All permission forms must be completed before devices can be released to the student.
All necessary permission forms must be signed by a parent or guardian before devices will be allowed to be checked out to students.  

Surface Pens and Chargers
Make sure your Surface Pen and Charger are clearly labeled with your name!!  If lost or left behind in the classroomthey can easily be returned to you. 

How to Check for and 
Run Updates
  • Plug in your device
  • Click on the Windows button in the bottom left corner
  • Click Settings (the gear image)
  • Select Update & Security
  • Click Check for Updates
  • If you have updates, let them download and install 
    • Note - updates will not load if you have your device in battery saver mode
  • Do not disturb the device while the updates are running.  Depending on the updates they could take several minutes.
You can do this on a nightly basis.  It will help your battery last longer and your device run more smoothly!

How to Clear Browsing History in Chrome

How to Clear Browsing Data.mp4

Once cleared.....Close then Restart Chrome.

How to Create a OneNote Notebook

  1. Go to

  2. Click on OneDrive - Select NEW, then OneNote Notebook (up along top toolbar)

  3. Type a notebook name.  Click Create.   

  4. Wait as the notebook is created and says Saved in upper right of screen.

  5. Select Open In OneNote (in gray along the top menu bar)

    1. Check the box - Open OneNote 2016

    2. Click Open OneNote 2016

  6. OneNote Desktop opens and your new notebook appears, Click YES.  

  7. Notebook is loading - be patient. (If along the top, it says “is not responding”  IGNORE this message - just wait,  it is processing!)

  8. Return to the opened Chrome tab in bottom toolbar.

  9. Click the back arrow in the notebook (x) you just created in the portal.

  10. Repeat Step 2 - 9 until all notebooks are created.

YouTube Channel Series
on how 
You can be a Surface Pro!

Check out these short videos designed to help you to get productive with your Surface Pro. 
New videos are released each week.
Click the link below:

Update to Login Procedure
You no longer need to type in your full Mercy email as your username.  Just use your first initial, last initial and student number.  Followed by your password.

Surface Pro 3 Troubleshooting:
  1. Wifi won't connect?
    1. Click Wifi icon in lower right of taskbar. Disconnect from wifi.  Wait a few seconds, then reconnect.  
    2. If the step above didn't work, Restart your computer.  Click the Windows button, power, then restart.
  2. Device just not working properly?  
    1. Restart your device.  Click Window button (in lower left corner), power then restart.  
    2. Still not working correctly?  Click Windows button, power then shut down.  Wait a minute or so and turn on you device.
    3. Neither of those above options work?  Do a forced shut down by holding down the power button for a full 20 seconds.  Release, wait a few seconds then turn your device back on.  
    4. If you still are having issues, see a tech team member.
  3. Keyboard that is connected but not working
First: Disconnect your Surface from the keyboard, then reconnect it . Most of the time this corrects the problem.
If that doesn't work than:
  1. Hold down the Volume UP and Power Button at same time for 10 second and let go.
  2. Surface will power up in BIOS mode - click on Exit Set up
  3. Click Yes
  4. The keyboard should now work.