Mercy Grades

Mercy’s Open Gradebook: 
The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of It

2. Click Student-Parent Portal at the top right of the screen (This can be found in the menu
if on mobile).
3. Click the Grades button to be brought to Schooltool. (Schooltool is where you go to view
anything grade related like Assignments, Progress Reports, and Report Cards)
4. Log into Schooltool using the email you provided at registration.
5. Click the blue arrow to the left of the student you wish to view.
6. Click the Assignments tab.
7. Be sure you are looking at the correct year and quarter.
8. Choose a Course from the drop down menu.

Mercy teachers keep a digital gradebook in SchoolTool, our online Student Information System
(SIS). In the past, it was school policy to keep this gradebook closed to external audiences.
Beginning this year, we are making it available to students and families!

The gradebook has remained closed based on the philosophy that our students should develop
their skills of self-advocacy. While this continues to be a worthy principle and one that promotes
independence and leadership, we are responding to expressed student and parent desires for
greater transparency and the ability to intervene to make corrections if students struggle

As students mature as learners and agents of their own futures, they need to increasingly take
ownership of their learning. In the past, conscientious students tracked their own grades and
knew where they stood academically in a course so that their averages at the end of a quarter
or a term were rarely a surprise. Having access to their gradebook will allow all students to
easily access this information and assess where they need to devote their energies. Parents
and guardians serve as supports to their children as they grow while honoring their increasing
independence. We hope that in this shift to an open gradebook, parents and guardians continue
to put the onus of responsibility on their daughters to monitor their own progress and advocate
for themselves. Still, an open gradebook allows parents and guardians to intervene with their
children when they see patterns emerging that are of concern. When issues arise, students and
teachers should begin the conversation about corrective measures, only bringing in parents and
guardians when the issues persist.

The gradebook will be opened three weeks into the first term. Teachers are expected to grade
assignments in a reasonable amount of time which varies according to the assignment.
Gradebooks will generally be updated on a weekly basis, but some assignments may take up to
two or three weeks to grade.
The SchoolTool gradebook will be accessible through the Mercy Student-Parent Portal’s Grades
button. Each teacher’s syllabus contains the teacher's grading guidelines and policies for late
assignments, making up work when there is an absence, etc.