Frequently Asked Questions


  1. If my daughter already owns a laptop, can she just use that instead of paying for a new device?

No. A 1:1 learning program is successful when everyone works from an identical platform with identical software. The Surface Pro will be the only device that we will equip with the specific software and permissions that align to our educational program.


  1. What am I allowed to buy?

Any Surface Pro 4, with at least 128 GB of storage space.


  1. Why did you choose the Surface Pro 4?
    • Compatibility and flexibility
    • Mobility
    • Best stylus for Math and Science
    • Quality build


                4. Where would you recommend we purchase? 

There are a number of places you can buy a Surface Pro from. I would recommend the Microsoft Store at the Galleria in Buffalo or Destiny in Syracuse as your best options. They have excellent support and can sometimes have deals that no one else will have.


                5. Would you recommend we wait until closer to 2016-2017 school year because                         technology changes so quickly?

I do not see any benefit to waiting. There will not be any newer models coming out between now and the start of the new school year. 


                6.  Will it be attached to the Mercy domain?



                7.  Are you providing anti-malware and what kind?

Yes in the form of Windows Defender.


                8. Are you going to wipe windows off of it when she graduates?

Mercy will remove any school owned software from the device and return it to you as if you just bought it from the store along with a free copy of Office as a free gift from Mercy.


                9. Are you providing power supplies for them for school or do they have to bring                         them every day?

Students will be expected to come to school with a fully charged device. It will be suggested that students leave their chargers at home, the school will have a few charging stations available.  


                10. How do we get it programmed for use at school?

Student devices will be collected at the end of each school year and erased.  It will then be loaded with an enterprise version of Windows 10 along with all the software and management tools you should need for your classes. From this point on Mercy will treat your device as if it is a Mercy owned device and will continue to do so until you graduate or transfer away from Mercy.