Tech PD
2017 NYSCATE Conference
November 18th - 21st
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Click the NYSCATE image above to see the schedule. As it gets closer the 1 hour workshops descriptions will also be available.   

Mercy Teacher Recommended 

In order to develop World Class Learners we need to reach outside the four walls of our classrooms.  Microsoft offers a wide variety of free courses and resources to help you expand your classroom.  Check it out!
  • Microsoft Innovative Educator - MIEs use Microsoft tools in the classroom and have learned the fundamentals of applying technology in education. This is the first step on an exciting journey of joining a professional network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share, and grow. Learn how you can earn points to become an MIE
  • Courses and Resources - range from an estimated 1 hour to 3 hours in time. Some courses focus on how to use tools like OneNote, Sway, and Office Mix, while others are more pedagogy based and designed to teach you how to integrate technology into your instruction. They each end in an assessment. To earn points for a course, you must successfully pass the assessment at the end.
  • Skype in the Classroom - Collaborations and Field Trips

What is an OER?  Click on the link above for  a discussion on the trends of OER's.  Includes a link to CK-12 along with others.