Tech Talk Wednesday Recap
Held in Faculty Room during lunch blocks

OneNote Online

ipgrid & Gridpals
What is Flipgrid?  A  website that allows teachers to create "grids" to facilitate video discussions. Each grid is like a message board where teachers can pose questions, called "topics," and their students can post video responses that appear in a tiled grid display. Grids can be shared with classes, small groups, or any collection of users interested in a common strand of questions. Each grid can hold an unlimited number of topics and each topic can hold an unlimited number of responses. Topics can be text-based or include a resource such as an image, video, Giphy, emoji, or attachment. Customizable security settings help protect student privacy.  GridPals?  An innovative spin on pen-pals. Educators leverage the power of Flipgrid to break down the walls of their classroom and engage students in meaningful learning experiences with peers around the world.
How to Get Started:
  1. Create your free FlipGrid Educator Account.
  2. First Create your Grid. Which could be titled with the name of your course or however you want to organize. 
  3. Create Topics within your Grid. You have many options when creating your Topic: Length of video response, display date, active status, launch and freeze dates, the addition of topic resources, topic attachments, video features (can disable selfie decorations here), allow students to reply to other students videos, etc.
  4. Click Share Topic. You can share via Google Classroom, with the link or with the Flip Code.
  5. Students don't need to create an account. They can go to and enter the code.  Once they enter the code or go in thru classroom, they will need to join thru Google which will verify their Mercy email address.  
  6. Once students submit their responses.  You can review. Use grading rubric to record score and type a feedback comment to share with the student.  Copy feedback link to update for the response.  The student can now see the feedback.
Check out the video or PDF below or   
Make an appointment to meet for a personal tutorial.

  • The Basics - videos to get you started
  • Teacher's Lounge - Tips and Tricks from other teachers
  • Extra Help - visit the help center
  • Extra Credit - additional Professional Development

New Licensed Tools for 2018-19

WeVideo -  For All Middle School Students

See the Videos below created by Lora for her students on how to use WeVideo:

With new Google Integration feature.  

EdPuzzle School Edition

How EdPuzzle Works:
  1. Search a video from YouTube, upload your own, or re-use a video-lesson created by another teacher.
  2. You can edit the video to make your lesson. Record your voice at any point to make it personal. Hold your students accountable by embedding questions during the video.
  3. Assign that video to your students and check their progress in real time while they learn at their own pace.

The Big Ideas Lab is Ready for 
Teachers and Students!  

The lab has 5 collaboration stations with 43” monitors, a portable Smart Board, a mounted camera for Video Conferencing and large tables for an additional student working space.  We are in the developmental stages of this space and are looking for faculty and student input on how to make this space exceptional.  Please share your thoughts and dreams on ways this space can evolve.

Click the link below to book the space for your class:

New Features in 2019
Sutori  - New presentation mode and sharing improvements.

Presentation tool in a timeline format. Can use this “story” format for a variety of projects, assignments or portfolios. Basic level is free and integrates with Google Classroom. If there is enough interest in Sutori an option to upgrade membership is possible. Let me know what you think!

Team based, collaborative review tool.  Join for free!
Never used Quizlet before?  
Check out Quizlet for Teachers to get started!

YouTube Video

Conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way!

Teachers create videos easily with the Screencast-O-Matic!  Try the  Free Version, if it something you want to use contact the Tech Department for the link to sign up for the Deluxe Version which offers various editing tools!

MS and HS Students can use Free Version!