Topics covered during Tech Talk Wednesday
Held in Faculty Room during lunch blocks - Beginning Wednesday September 12th

What's New in Google Classroom
September 2018

New Licensed Tools for 2018-19

WeVideo -  For All Middle School Students

See the Videos below created by Lora for her students on how to use WeVideo:

With new Google Integration feature.  

EdPuzzle School Edition

How EdPuzzle Works:
  1. Search a video from YouTube, upload your own, or re-use a video-lesson created by another teacher.
  2. You can edit the video to make your lesson. Record your voice at any point to make it personal. Hold your students accountable by embedding questions during the video.
  3. Assign that video to your students and check their progress in real time while they learn at their own pace.

YouTube Video

Conduct student-paced formative assessments in a fun and engaging way!

Teachers create videos easily with the Screencast-O-Matic!  Try the  Free Version, if it something you want to use contact the Tech Department for the link to sign up for the Deluxe Version which offers various editing tools!

MS and HS Students can use Free Version!