OneNote for Students

How to Create a NEW OneNote Notebook

  1. Go to

  2. Click on OneDrive - Select NEW, then OneNote Notebook (up along top toolbar)

  3. Type a notebook name.  Click Create.   

  4. Wait as the notebook is created and says Saved in upper right of screen.

  5. Select Open In OneNote (in gray along the top menu bar)

    1. Check the box - Open OneNote 2016

    2. Click Open OneNote 2016

  6. OneNote Desktop opens and your new notebook appears, Click YES.  

  7. Notebook is loading - be patient. (If along the top, it says “is not responding”  IGNORE this message - just wait,  it is processing!)

  8. Return to the opened Chrome tab in bottom toolbar.

  9. Click the back arrow in the notebook (x) you just created in the portal.

  10. Repeat Step 2 - 9 until all notebooks are created.

How to Print from OneNote
You must first save the file to Google File Share, then print.  See Below:
  • Go to the section of OneNote you want to print.
  • Click File, in the upper left of tool bar.
  • Click Export
  • Select PDF 
  • Click Export
  • In the box that pops up, choose Google File Stream
  • Give the file a Name  then click Save.
  • Now find the file in Google Drive and Print.

How to check to make sure your notebooks are 
set up correctly:
  • Open OneNote (Click window image in lower left corner of device, then open OneNote)
  • Click File (in top left)
  • All your notebooks should be listed.
  • Under the name of your notebok the URL of each notebook should begin with

  1. What if no notebooks are listed under File?
    • You probably created your notebooks in and did not click Open In OneNote to bring them down to the desktop version. (Step #7)
    • How to fix: log into - click on OneDrive. Select one of your notebooks.  Select Open in OneNote (in gray along the top menu bar.)  Now OneNote will open and your notebook will load - be patient.  Do this for each of your notebooks.

How to Sync Your Surface Pen
(Only IF you have a pen with a PURPLE TOP, otherwise your pen will SYNC automatically.)

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