Mercy Tech Mentors (MTM’s) 2017-18

(Meeting Agenda/Minutes are posted in the Mercy Intranet)


  1.  To provide valuable feedback concerning the PD needs of their department. 
  2. To help with product testing and policy planning on an as needed basis.
  3. To have a colleague at the department level that can offer a  local,  more accessible point of contact for minor tech concerns and tech education.
  4. To collaboratively plan and administer professional development aligned with technology standards.  


  1. Group will meet monthly - the last Thursday of each month.

  2. Members will make themselves available to their department for troubleshooting simple tech issues.

  3. Will help to establish future Tech PD needs/wants of the department.

  4. Will learn about technology standards and plan for their integration at Mercy.


  • Be among the first considered to receive new devices.

  • Receive higher priority when requesting assistance from the Tech department.

  • Be among the first to receive invites to Ed Tech conferences.

  • Be recognized as a leader at Mercy.

2017-18 Members

  • Stephanie A.
  • Caitlin L.
  • Tim N.
  • Shawna M.
  • Gus P.
  • Yvonne P.
  • Steph D.
  • Kevin G.
  • Kylie  D.
  • Lora Z.
  • Emily W.
  • Mary V.