Whats New In Google Classroom

August 2017

New features:
  • See a single view of a student’s workTeachers and students now have a page that lists all of a student’s work and the status of that work.
  • Reorder class cards—Teachers and students can reorder their classes on the Classroom home page.
  • Decimal grades—Teachers can use decimal grades to award partial points on student work.
  • Display the class code—When inviting students to a class, teachers can display the class code in full screen.
  • Transfer class ownershipAdministrators and teachers can transfer ownership of classes to another teacher.
  • Use the Google bar— Users can easily switch between Classroom and other G Suite tools, and access Classroom directly from the App launcher.

Great Resource:

A Complete Guides To Google Classroom

#1 problem student have with Google
Toggling between their 
personal Gmail and Mercy accounts.  
Here's a quick video to show how: