Formative assessments in class are a great  way to guide instruction
 and to authentically determine student mastery in real time, which enables teachers to adjust instruction quickly while learning is in progress.  

Below are a few award winning Formative Assessment Tools, give one or all of them a try!

This chart compares some of the features of the 5 Formative Assessments we covered in the April 18th Tech PD

Click the link above to try this tool free!

  • Create questions: multiple choice, true/false, short answer questions or show your work.
  • Works great for math.  
  • Real time results and ability to comment on work in progress!
  • Assignments can be added to Google Classroom.


Teachers can sign up for a free account at  

  • Create quizzes, surveys or questions
  • Can use images or videos in your Kahoot's
Select which
 type of Kahoot you want to make and create it, hit play, select your settings and hit launch.  

At the top of the screen the students get instruction on how to complete. Students go to (using any device) enter the code, teacher clicks start and the students select their answers. 
It's that easy!  

Teachers get responses in real time.  You can create quick formative assessments in your Kahoot account and pull them out when you need them.  

You can also save the results to your Google Drive.

YouTube Video


Get a free account at

  • Create questions (multiple choice, TF or short answer) an exit ticket or rocket race for review. 
  • Can upload pictures also
  • Download results to Google Drive by class or by individual student

YouTube Video


Collect real time formative assessment data without students having a device.  Students hold up their answer card based on their answer choice.  Click on the Plickers image above and check it out.