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Explore the revised Khan Academic Resources!  Quality digital resources to support instruction. 

Click the link above and select your subject area.

There have been many improvements in overall quality of the resources, variety of primary sources and additional materials.


    Students can download the Khan Academic App, available in the Windows Store.

Do you always have multiple tabs open 
when browsing?

OneTab - 
a Chrome Extension will convert your tabs into a list, which allows you to save 95% of your battery power.   A must see!

YouTube Video

On Saturday, May 12th Google is ending support for the Google Drive Desktop App running on your Surfaces. Due to the way Google is providing the new version of the app we are unfortunately unable to push the update to you and as a result this service will be unavailable to you for the remainder of the school year.

What is the Google Drive Desktop App?

It is the app that lives in your system tray and is responsible for syncing everything you place in your google drive folder and copying it to Google’s servers.

What does this mean to you?

 If you save your files to the Google Drive shown above then any new files saved here will no longer be backed up or available to you in Google Classroom.

For the rest of the school year files can only saved to Google Drive through the web interface. See below for a picture of the web interface.


Simply click the blue “New” button and choose “Upload File” to backup any new word, excel, power point, jpeg, mov, etc etc files. Google docs, slides, sheets files are automatically placed in the cloud, and will not require you to do anything different.