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How to Back Up your
One Note Notebooks to Google Drive

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Take a look at some great tech tools that have been recognized by

Google Keep

Are you a list maker? Create your lists using Google Keep, a free Google App.   Write lists, notes, or reminders on any or all of your devices.  Audio features let you create a note on the go, share notes with others and even check off items as you complete them.  

Watch the video to see how it works:

Google Keep


Explore the revised Khan Academic Resources!  Quality digital resources to support your instruction. 

Click the link above and select your subject area.

There have been many improvements in overall quality of the resources, variety of primary sources and additional materials.

    Students have the Khan Academic App available in the                                 Windows Store for the Surface Pro 3’s.

Now all our online resources are accessible through one easy to use portal.   Click the link below and explore!

Ready to Shake Things Up?

This site is a great resource


Create easy videos with the Screencast-O-Matic Pro Version. Videos can upload directly into your Google Drive.  

Click the link below to see a video on how to get started:

The website to sign up for the free version: 

If you love it and would like to upgrade to the Pro Version, email and let me know.  I will send you the link for the upgrade!


An Exceptional OER

What is an OER?

OER, a part of the global open content movement, are shared teaching, learning, and research resources available under legally recognized open licenses -- free for people to reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute. Why are OER important? High-quality OER can save teachers significant time and effort on resource development and advance student learning inside and outside the classroom. Further, open sharing of resources has the potential to fuel collaboration, encourage the improvement of available materials, and aid in the dissemination of best practices. For more about the potential of OER, check out: 

Go to CK-12 and check it out!

Interested in acquiring additional Google skills? 

Become a Certified Google Educator!  Level 1 (Fundamental), Level 2 (Advanced) or Device (Chromebook) Training.

Use the link above and explore the options available. Or view the resource tab, where you will find program or tool based training that you  can explore at your own pace.

Want to take the training one step further? Become a Google Certified Trainer.  Watch the video by Shake Up Learning where Kasey explains the process.  Certified Trainer